Innovative Digital Signage with built in hand sanitiser

In 2020, the world changed...

With Coronavirus cases reaching new highs daily, the demand for hand sanitiser in brick and mortar environments has witnessed a meteoric rise since March.

The Solution, Pump It Lite.

Available for installation at your reception, waiting room or entrance
Delivery and install available in as little as 30 days


Perfect for:


This new innovative platform grabs the interest of the patients with great looking visuals and targeted promotions


Cutting Edge Technology keeps your advertising fresh and engaging whilst being affordable

Profitable digital communication can be aimed directly at your target audience

UK Wide Advertising Opportunities

Unique Features

Special Features

Marketing your Advertisement

The unit will offer you a 12-hour long viewing of your advertisements in our screen, it is capable of screening a 10 seconds ad, and could play 60 per hour.



Strawberry Fields Digital Hub,
Euxton Lane, Chorley, PR7 1PQ


+44 (0)1257 68 68 02


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