Innovative Marketing Platform

If you are looking for a new marketing platform you’ve come to the right place. Digital advertising is the fastest moving marketing medium as technology becomes ever more sophisticated. Combining this technology with a requirement for hand sanitisation we have created a dual purpose unit that allows you to engage with your target audience. Our attention grabbing units are located in prime high-footfall locations making sure your brand is being seen by the right audience.


Change your messages as frequently as required to reach your target audience

Tailored Packages

Suited for your business needs

Go Live in Minutes

Update your advert and content in minutes

Attention Grabbing

Engage with your viewer building brand awareness

Measure Impact

See the number of times your advert is played with our unique software reports

Design Service

We create, publish and manage your advert with our real-time platform

Why choose our Products?

Our Hand Sanitiser Unit and the Hand Sanitiser Gel itself is highly engineered, and one of the leading in its competition, which makes us one of the best of its class

UK Wide Advertising Opportunities

Marketing your Advertisement

The unit will offer you a 12-hour long viewing of your advertisements in our screen, it is capable of screening a 10 seconds ad, and could play 60 per hour.

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