How to Ease the Cost of PPE for Businesses

All businesses have been impacted in some way by the COVID-19 pandemic. From being shut down entirely to having many restrictions or regulations in place, we have all had to make changes. These changes often come at a cost – one example is the cost of PPE for businesses.

But are there ways to ease this cost while still providing the things that your customers need to feel safe and comply with COVID-secure regulations? We have one great solution for you.

Why PPE is costing more

The cost of PPE and other measures to protect against the virus has already been significant enough to have an impact on inflation, according to mid-year stats from the Consumer Prices Index. Businesses such as hairdressers and dentists have all been forced to increase their prices to compensate for PPE costs.

Then from November 2020, the government’s waiver on VAT on PPE came to an end, meaning the cost of this already expensive equipment will increase by around 20%. While some sectors such as the healthcare sector and care homes will be able to access PPE from the Department of Health and Social Care, this doesn’t help other types of businesses.

Hand sanitizer costs

One of the big costs on the PPE bill is the cost of hand sanitizer. Businesses need to provide this at every entrance and sometimes at intervals around the store. While the small hand-pumped variety has been brought into action in the short term, this isn’t a cost-effective option.

But there is another option that covers this essential part of COVID-secure regulations and helps to offset some of the costs of PPE – LCD screens with built-in hand sanitizers.

LCD screens are becoming a common sight around many types of business, displaying key information. But these units take that one step further by having a built-in hand sanitizer unit beneath.

How the screens work

The idea is simple.  You place the LCD screen at the entrance to your business.  This might be a hotel, gym, entertainment venue or even NHS services such as a GP practice.  The screen displays relevant information and also relevant advertising that people view while they use the dispenser to sanitize their hands.

People then continue into the building with that layer of protection on their hands and the information provided in their minds.  Because the units are made with quality components from industry-leading kiosk manufacturers, the unit will be reliable and long-lasting.

Easing PPE costs

But isn’t this just another expense on top of the growing costs of PPE?

The answer to that is no as we are providing these units free of charge for a range of high footfall businesses during the current pandemic. If you run a gym, a hotel, an entertainment venue or even medical centres or healthcare services, we can provide one of these units for you for no charge.

To learn more about this offer, click here and find out if your business qualifies for a free LCD screen hand sanitizer unit.

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